Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to some commonly asked questions.
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When choosing a silencer there is always a trade off – a larger suppressor will be heavier but the suppression will be the greatest. A shorter suppressor will be lighter but the suppression will be less.

Yes. You can always go smaller in caliber but again there will be a tradeoff. If you use a suppressor that was specifically designed for a 308 on a 308 caliber the suppression will be the best. If you use a suppressor designed for a 308 on a 223 caliber the suppression will be approximately 3 – 5 dB less.

Caution – you CANNOT use a suppressor designed for a smaller caliber on a larger caliber. It may cause bodily injury and damage the suppressor.

We are often asked about rifles with short barrels and if our suppressor can be used on these types of firearms. For Example: an AR with a 10” Barrel. You can use our suppressors on these types of guns but they will get very hot very fast. You must allow the suppressor to cool to ambient temperature often.

We ran a test on one of our suppressors using a 5.56 NATO firing 250 rounds in succession. We measured the temperature of suppressor after all 250 shots had been fired and it reached 525° F. That is extremely hot and will cause bodily injury if contact is made.

We recommend you do not fire more than 100 rounds in succession without allowing the suppressor to cool to ambient temperature. After firing 100 rounds the suppressor will reach a minimum of 300° F. If you do not allow the suppressor to cool properly you can cause bodily injury and it may damage the suppressor.

With all suppressors there is some Point of Impact shift. Our suppressors were designed for minimal POI shift.

Our baffles are made from aluminum for a few reasons. The two most important reasons are to keep the suppressor as light as possible and to make our suppressors affordable.

If used under normal conditions and according to the provided instructions the baffle should last a lifetime. If for any reason it should fail we offer a lifetime warranty on all baffles. (It must have been used according to the provided instructions, in original condition and not be modified. Contact factory for more information.)

  • Piston Included with ALL Pistol / P Models
  • Silencer Adapter/Muzzle Brake Included with ALL Rifle / R Models